**EDITED** FREE ART Scavenger Hunt.

After a couple of comments/requests from various folks, I’ve decided to move the hunt back a day. I’d like for as many people as possible to participate, and Saturday just makes more sense. So…

On September 11th, before the show, to help get into the spirit of things, I plan on giving away seven pieces of art. I’ll put them around town and then send hints through my Twitter account. I’ll start tweeting at 11am with hints about the first piece. Then, at the top of every subsequent hour, I’ll tweet hints for another piece.

So, at 11am, I’ll give hints for the first piece. 12pm, there will be a new set of hints for the next piece. 1pm, hints for the third piece, and so on until 5pm. At 5pm, I’ll post a map of where all of the pieces are.

It should be a fun little experiment. I hope you get a chance to play!