I’d like to thank The Academy…

The opening reception for “Knock on Wood” was beyond wonderful. It wouldn’t have been nearly as magical without the following people:

Thank you to Modern Skirts for playing an amazing set (they played on suitcases!) and for truly being fine, fine, fine gentlemen.

Thank you to Alex Goose for providing a perfect soundtrack. I got stopped multiple times by people asking for the playlist.

Thank you to Tim at StreetLocal for hooking people up with amazing and free goodies. Your dedication and loyalty through the years has been invaluable, brother.

Thank you to Erica for thinking of and organizing the Atlanta Tumblr Meetup at the show. Thanks for helping a (then) stranger out based solely on the premise of sharing art. Hello to all the fine Tumblr folks that I met!

Thank you to everyone who helped promote the show on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. Hi Malissa!

Thank you to Kelly and Maggie at Young Blood Gallery for giving me the opportunity to show at their gallery.

An extra-crispy and super-sized family-meal thank you goes to my closest friend Dehanza Rogers. She filmed/edited the video promos, flew out from LA to attend, and helped me hang the show. Your friendship has been a blessing.

The biggest thank you I can give is to my wife. I won’t gush on The Internets, but she knows how to hold things down. Always. I love you. Also, thanks to my little boy who gave up his room so that I could have a temporary studio.

But, most importantly, thank you to everyone who came out (what’s up Derek, flying in from NYC?!). I am beyond humbled and grateful for your support and patronage. Atlanta, you made me a proud and happy man.

I owe everybody a long, warm, and awkward hug. Come get ’em! <3