“Knock on Wood” / Post-mortem

It’s been about a month since the opening reception for “Knock on Wood”. I started to write down notes on the show right away, but then I decided to give myself some time before I did a post-mortem. I figured that I’d be able to look at everything constructively, to view details without a rose-colored tint. There were some things that turned out better than expected… and, there were definitely some things that could have been done differently… but, overall, I’m really pleased with how things went down. I won’t get into everything, but here’s a list of things about the show.

A list of things about the show:
01. The free-art-scavenger-hunt promotion on Twitter was really fun to do (thanks to everyone who participated!).

02. I ended up getting some love from The Creative Loafing when they highlighted the show as a critics’ pick for the week’s events. Online and IN PRINT. Totally rad.

03. The Signal wrote an article about me and the show (what’s up Jhoni and Savanna?!).

04. LOTS of people showed up despite the intermittent rain. That completely blew me away.

05. It was hot in the gallery. Both literally and figuratively.

06. I got to meet a ton of really cool people. Hi everybody! :)

07. Good friends are good friends. I love you all. I love you enough to help you carry furniture the next time you move. Call me.

08. I went into the reception thinking that my litmus test for the night’s success would be how much fun people had. As it was my first solo, I definitely wanted the night to have a celebratory mood. Most openings are terribly pretentious, snobby, antiseptic, and off-putting. I kept hearing over and over how people enjoyed the energy and spirit of the night. That feeling alone put me over the moon.

09. I factored in the current art market, the economy, and Young Blood’s audience when I priced my pieces. I wanted them all to be as affordable as possible, so I kept the price-point around what I would feel comfortable shelling out for art. My art should be in your home, not mine. I sold about 80% of the show. Trivia: I refused to look at the walls all night. I didn’t want to know what had and hadn’t sold. I didn’t see all of the red dots until the day I de-installed the show.

10. Numbers 08 and 09 as told by Lindsay.

11. “My number” is the number 11. The show was on the 11th. I got a tattoo of an 11 after the show at 11:11pm.

12. I used QR tags. People with QR readers were able to check out progress shots of a few pieces while they were in the gallery. So, while they stood there looking at the finished piece, they could also use their smart phone to see it being painted.

13. I’m already planning for the next solo show.